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Within the street fighter alpha series the characters have been given more personality.

What this means is that you can select various different win poses suitable to your win.

Unfortunately with the exception of a few characters they all speak japanese. This page will translate Rose' winning pose quotes. However Rose is a very deep a mysterious woman, this is shown in her summing up of her battle:

"Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart."

"A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light."

"If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming."

Rose has 6 win poses after winning a round. You can select which pose she will perform by holding the appropriate button before she starts posing otherwise you get a random pose.

Jab Punch - Rose closes her eyes, wiggles her finger, and says "Mada mada ne!" (You still have a long way to go!!)

Strong Punch - Rose extends her arm and lets her shawl fall to the floor. A ball of light spirals up and down the shawl. She say "Wariu ja nai !" (You're not bad !)

Fierce Punch - Rose creates duplicate images of herself to her left and right. She then closes her eyes and wiggles her finger, saying "Soreja dame !" (Your chosen path is hopeless!)

Short Kick - Rose creates a mirror image. They stand back to back, holding hands. Rose will open her eyes, look at you and smile, saying "Daijobu ?" (Are you oh kay?)

Forward Kick - A large glowing Fool card appears. When the card disappears, Rose will be in a nice frock In one hand, she's holding several cards; in the other, she's holding one card. A card is also sticking out between her breasts. She says "Ciao !" (Good bye! note for this pose she speaks italian not japanese) This is also her perfect victory pose.

Roundhouse Kick - Wind blows through Rose' hair and scarf. She's holding a card then drops it to the floor. She mutters something, I can only assume she is contemplating her life and what lies ahead.

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