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NB: The English Translation of this book is now available at herofix.com

To celebrate 15 years of Street Fighter, Capcom have released lots of commerative merchandise. One such release is the Eternal Challenge book.

This book takes you through all the Capcom Street Fighter games explaining the story/endings and interviews with the makers of the different Street Fighter games.

A large proportion of the book is taken up with character art work, some old but many are promotional pictures which got only a limited release.

All the SF cast are represented in this book, along with their preliminary designs. Each character is introduced with his/her set of special moves and how to perform them.

This book was only available in Japan so all the main text is in Japanese, however this does not really deter the enjoyment of the book. Seeing the Capcom art work was enough for me.

The book also shows how the different games were packaged around the world. This will probably be familiar to many of you reading this, but in short the western packaging is no where near as good as the japanese originals.

The SFEX series is mentioned briefly, but the book concentrates on the true street fighter characters.

Below is an example of a typical game pre-production art page. You will see the drawings for various characters losing poses in SF3, and SF32I.

On the opposite page you can see the finish coloured versions that appeared in the games.

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