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Bad Street Fighter Tie-Ins.

There have been lots of Street Fighter related products released, here I will discuss some of the worst examples.

1. The U.S Street Fighter Animated Television series.

This U.S. only series was seemingly based after the live action movie. Guile is working undercover, but no one knows that. It is his job to assemble a team suitable for the special 'street fighter' [cringe] special missions. Of course the enemy is always M.Bison who seems to be demoted to some kind of Scooby Doo 'I would have got away with it, if it wasn't for you pesky street fighters' villian.

Ryu and Ken are worse than their film counterparts, Chun-li has gone all american in how she has been drawn. But for me [a englishman] the whole 2 episodes I saw were too much for me to take. Imagine G.I.Joe with street fighter characters, and it felt that at every opportunity the street fighter code was brought into mention 'Honour Justice and the Street Fighter way' might as well have been the 'Amercian way'. The U.S. Street Fighter animated series, is the worst street fighter offender.

2. Street Fighter the Movie [live action] game.

A game of the film of the game, was always a bad idea. This kind of mortal kombat hybrid was awful to look at and play. The Street Fighter license was treated in such a bad way that anyone who had played a street fighter game before was dissapointed. However people did buy the game, why? I have no idea. All the characters from the film had been digitally shrunk and placed in the game, and it was laughable when they pulled off their signature moves. The game is very bad, even with out the street fighter license, but with the license it is an insult.

3. Street Fighter 2 [animated] game.

The game of the excellent animated street fighter 2 movie also makes a mockery of the series, but in a different way. This street fighter game plays you through the big scenes in the movie, though sadly not the Chun-li Vs Vega fight. It is not a true street fighter game, and probably due to that fact and that the live action game was hated in the U.K, that this game was only released in Japan. It is a nice collectors item to complement the animated movie, but again I have to ask...why?

4. Street Fighter [live action] movie.

This movie annoyed me a fair bit. First this movie did not need the sf license, as it bore little resemblence to the games. The idea of Blanka being Charlie Nash was just as stupid as Dhalsim being a scientist. Everything about this movie was wrong. There was only one re-deeming feature, Kylie as Cammy. M.Bison's was portrayed in a cool way, it is just a shame that the rest of the film didn't know if it was suppose to be serious or camp. I have watched the movie several times, and it has not improved, spotting the capcom references are fun, but the animated movie is far better.

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