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Coke Commercial LIVE ACTION

Coke Commerical Brief.
The brief was to film either two 30 second adverts or one lasting 1 minute.

What actually happened.
I teamed up with Chris West again. This meant that no matter how hard we tried we both knew that we would still be filming the day before we hand the project in.

Click here for a summary of the ideas we had. As you see we were not feeling particularly creative, especially after the enjoyment and failure of Lucky money. To the left is the Coke Commercial photo story.

Watch the Coke Commercial here!


Our Ideas.

We had many ideas, mostly based around cars. Numerous storyboards were devised for each idea, but after thought all these ideas were dismissed.
Finally we decided to make an advertisement on cars, but I was unsure what we would be advertising.

Discussions continued and at one stage we were going to advertise viagra, however I felt that this would turn out to be funny - not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe not advert material. Also how would we demonstrate this product without being confined to a late night sassy channel. Throughout these weeks I was involved in Kyran and Penny's advert.

Finally Coca Cola was chosen, due to Chris having the soundtrack to the Coca Cola adverts. The next problem was how we were going to advertise Coca Cola for 1 minute. After researching existing Coca Cola advertisements we discovered there are two main Coca Cola adverts: The computer generated polar bear adverts and The 'youth' orientated advert, with Coca Cola being seen as a fashion accessory.

We felt that the 'youth' advert was very staged and did not simulate real life effectively. So we decided to film some general footage of people enjoying Coca Cola [as in the advert] but for our linking scenes, we would hand a bottle of Coca Cola to anyone, put the camera on them and see their reaction. Secondly if we can also include some king of computer generated Coca Cola bottle dancing around, then that would be both the adverts combined.

Filming went as planned. I managed to not film two scenes by forgetting to press record, luckily we were able to film replacement footage the following week. Filming each other drinking Coca Cola was easy, but filming people being spontaneous was harder. Many people did nothing, some people did some silly things, and some people swore - this was a problem, this is youth today. Fortunately we managed to find some examples of positive youth energy. This positive Youth energy was blantantly staged by us.