Hollywood Promotion.

When work and films combine, then I am very happy. A promotional video was sent down showing branch staff dressed as ushers and usherettes, and glamourous people, really taking in that classic movie vibe.

However I took the theme of 'hollywood film' and wanted us to dress up as Ghostbusters. Simon and Chris agreed, and we set about making our costumes.

This was the most exciting time, as we were all giving miss-information to each other on what we were using. We had no real budget so it was ebay and £1 shop. The final results were amazing, and we won the branch competition.

To the right you can see a selection of the images from the promotion.

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Image description (left to right, top to bottom)

1. Chris Wears in his movie style pose and related phrase
2. Simon Dallow in his movie style pose and related phrase
3. Samuel Smith (me) in my movie style pose and related phrase
4. The whole team together
5. The whole team busting a Ghost!
6. Storyboard Image - Entering the branch, homemade packs on show
7. Storyboard Image - Banking joke, and the Brokeback Ghost cowboy
8. Storyboard Image - The day is saved by....Dr Wears
9. Storyboard Image - ...and Dr Dallow...
10. Storyboard Image - The victim of the Ghost poses with Dr Smith..
11. Storyboard Image - Group shot