Christmas Promotion.

To the right is the result of the Christmas promotion.

Reindeer - Samuel (me), Santa - Simon, Elf - Chris

We dressed up twice for Christmas, the first time did not go according to plan as people thought the 10th December was too early for any festivities. The outfits also proved scary to some small children, most notably my Reindeer outfit.

Simon spent the whole time pretending to be Santa 'for real', whereas nobody was too sure what Chris was suppose to be.

If you look at his outfit, he is wearing tights, some Christmas underwear and stockings on his feet. He was of course an ELF, not what many people thought he was.

The second time we did the promotion was December 23rd, this time it was much better received.

Interesting fact.
After we all had KFC zinger burgers which were very tasty. On the way back to the branch we met Melinda Messenger!

We did not introduce ourselves as she was with her family, and we looked idiotic