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Lucky Money Film Trailer LIVE ACTION

Lucky Money Brief.
The actual task behind the 'Lucky Money' brief was to create a short live action sequence that could be used on the National Lottery Show. In my original group of Kyran and Chris we began to think of ideas, mostly along the lines of 'unlucky money'. Eventually Chris said that he new famous people like Emma Forbes and if true we would just interview her and ask her how she picked her numbers.

Watch the Lucky Money Trailer here!

Paul who was in another group hated how it was going along and together we teamed up together to film anything, at least that way we would get a mark. We began in the library thinking of ideas, I explain how our original ideas were sensible, and he said his old group were filming something 'fun'. I thought for a moment then explained that for our studio lesson I was writing a scene with two gangsters on a park bench, I could use the same characters for this and they would both be tied in.

That was it, it was decided. Paul and myself began to write the idea. The opening scenes featured us walking and some close ups where we would say some cool stuff, then we would get captured, have a fight, and original a love interest. We were heading along the lines of 'its got action' = fight 'its got suspense' = capture, and 'its got romance' = someone watching a girly movie.

Over Christmas 1999 we met up to film, only to be let down by one of Pauls friends. We used the time to watch 'Rush Hour' movie and decided on who else could be in our Lucky Money story. Eventually Chris and Kyran came from my group and Penny came from Paul's group. Everything was ready, people liked the idea - but no one at the time asked us how it was relevant to 'Lucky Money'. Eitherway we filmed everything in 5 hours in Lightwater, which was later to become the scene for all our movies!

After editing this left us with 25 seconds of actual footage, a long way short of the 90 seconds needed. It was decided that we would leave it at that length and pad it out with titles, but 65 seconds on titles was a bit much so I wrote some new scenes. The new scenes showed 'clips' from the movie. I also came up with the Life's a lottery, LUCKY MONEY tagline, which at the time I was really proud of.

We were unable to film an actual car chase so model cars were used, this resulted in much fun and stupidity, which led on to us all bopping up and down in a car pretending we were in a Lotus Espirit! All was going well, but the new scenes we shot had sound problems, hence they had to be edited down and everything put to music.