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Psyblade 3132 Genova Saga

My animation project which currently stands at 10 minutes is a 3D anime movie.

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The Characters of Psyblade
Renders from Psyblade
Psyblade Animation [work in progress]
Psyblade Animation Script

Psyblade is my current animation project. It is a 3D homage to virtually every anime every made, but mostly the Gall Force series.

Psyblade tells the story of a sword which has the ability to store the psyche of defeated enemies within its twin blades. This gives whoever wields the sword great power. The current owner Alisha Crow has to answer the call of a higher power and travels to the future to stop something potentially awful happening.

This is not the first time she has done this, but when she lands in Neo Hydrocity she is shocked by the amount of destruction caused by Genova 3/5. The war between the regenerated Genova 3/5 and the humans reached the limit and most of the population relocated to the planet Rea, some people did stay behind.

Lucy Verhelitzier is one of those people. She has the technology to stop Genova 3/5 but is concerned about the often mentioned remaining 4 Genova's. Dynatech is keeping quiet, the Genova project made them the company that they are, and if the destruction of the human race is the way to go, then beit.

Along the way Lucy and Alisha meet up with other characters, some willing to help them, others out for their death.

So far Psyblade is 1/3 complete. I have rendered 12 minutes of footage, and have provisionally voiced the characters. I expect this project to be finished late 2004 depending on my non-free time workload.