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Schizophrenia Nightmares of Delusion LIVE ACTION

Schizophreania on-line
Schizophrenia Nightmares of Delusion is the final Live action project which suffered from most of the group being ill. It was finally filmed by myself, Paul and Kyran. The script and locations were changed due to the non-appearance of other group members.

Watch Schizophrenia here!


On a previous project which due to the lecturers obvious hate of myself and Chris we were having to re-do parts of it. Fortunately I get the last laugh as I filmed a mock scene and made out it was real, and the lecturer loved it. However it was during this time that Chris began working on the idea, an off shot of his 'Man in woods' idea, which was very funny, because it was so rubbish.

However problems arose, Chris wrote some scenes and wanted to do it properly, with real actors and locations, not just my house. This was a nice idea, but no one took it upon themselves to do this, and Chris was then ill for around 4 weeks. The rest of the group dispanded and also got ill, leaving just myself, paul and kyran to do the job.

I filmed the teaser scene of me emerging from a shallow grave and it was popular with paul and kyran, it was then at that point we decided to do it ourselves.

I took the script that Chris had written and altered it. To be honest most of the scenes were removed, and replaced with locations that we could easily film in one day. A couple of his scenes did remain, but his dialogue didn't. If Chris ever does his script you will see that it is completely different from my Schizophrenia version.

Filming was incident filled, I injured myself whilst jumping out of a tree, and paul got a stitch from laughing too hard. On the whole the final product was good, but too short. So we put on some fancy titles, and a few out takes at the end to get the required length.

This 'filler' section was noticed by the lecturer and he accused us of not doing the film to the correct length, we stated that titles/and closing credits all form part of the film, and we got a good mark.