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A good adaption of the game series, and a nice addition of DVD extras. The video and DVD packages contain both parts of the animation edited together into one.

Since the excellent anime adaption of Super Street Fighter 2, I have been waiting for a sequel, or in short more street fighter action. Since the original movie came out we have been treated to the japanese sf2v animation and of course the US streetfighter series luckily only available on laser disc. However now to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Street Fighter 2 we have the movie adaption of the alpha game.

As before the action centres around Ryu and Ken, with Chun-li appearing who the animators added just for the alarming number of Chun-li crotch shots. Several new characters are introduced in the animation, the most important of which is Shun - Ryu's long lost brother. The basic premise of the movie is the evil chi building up in Ryu - the power of the Dark Hadou, which of course the warrior Akuma gave into and pulled off the one move which sealed his fate for ever. The emmergence of the Dark Hadou in Ryu is something that he has been expecting for a while, however he does not know whether he will be forced to walk the path of Akuma or will be able to conquer the Dark Hadou. Ken is worried as Ryu never showed any signs of the Dark Hadou until Shun showed up.

The action continues along at a fast pace but sadly lacking any fight sequences to rival that of Chun-li and Vega in the sf2 movie. The action is more like the game, so the characters seem powered up to their 'vs' incarnations and able to sense each other chi like in dbz. The fight scenes that we get are superbly done, with each character pulling off their signature moves and getting seriously beaten that in real life they would die, but here they don't.

All of the alpha cast is represented well so the story makes sense, so no Cammy, Charlie, or M.Bison. Rose makes an appearance, but sadly she doesn't fight she just appears to give Ryu advice on what path to take, however as in the game we are undecided whether Rose is actually there to help Ryu or is just toying with him.

The final fight scene lasts ages and in true heroic fashion each character gives their all, over and over again. The movie is not as good as the original sf2 movie, but is more than enough for anyone with a mild interest in street fighter. The english voices have been cast well, with all the characters sounding like you expect them to. The only downside to the package is that personally I wanted more fights, like Ryu vs Akuma for one. All in all this is an excellent package to go alongside the sf2v series and the sf2 movie, both of which should be re-released on region 2 dvd soon.