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Altered Sanctuary
Altered Sanctuary is a new television show which is in planning stages.

So what is it all about?
Altered Sanctuary takes place in the near future. Altereds are modified humans, or yumans if you will. The story begins from the perspective of Magaera, and her relationship with Michael - the head of the Blaine foundation. The Blaine foundation being the major player in the Altered project.

As the story progresses more characters will come in to Magaera's world. Some will be new, and some will be from her past.

To the right there is a gallery. These images are pre-planning images to help create the tone and mood when the idea is pitched.

Altered Sanctuary Menu (mp3s open in your default player)  
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Script Excerpt episode#1 'the rain' Read Now
Script Excerpt episode#2 'sacred trust' Read Now
Altered Sanctuary 'Sam VS Sahar' Aka Hush Listen Now
Hush (main theme) Remix Listen Now
Hush (main theme) Three Parts Listen Now
The Fallen (reworking of Hush) Listen Now
Reaper NEW!!!!! NEW!!!!! Listen Now
Rain II Listen Now
Reckless Part 2(Altered Sanctuary excite music) Listen Now