Welcome to my on-line portfolio. On the right you will see a selection of my animation and live action work.

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Content On-line
You can watch all the live action films and animations on-line. The CosPlay is more of a promotional events sectio, where me and others dressed up. However that title would be far to long to fit in the little box :-)

..and there's more
Additional graphics and the original brief are also included for those people who want to know...why I did what I did. Finally in the case of the live action movies, the sound tracks are not my own, and in no way do I claim that they are. The coke commercial was not done for the coca cola company, it was just a past project. I don't think anyone will confuse it with the real adverts, due to the drop in quality! Anyho Coca Cola is in no way linked with me, it is just a project, a bit of fun.