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During 2000 the name was to be moved to so I could add some webspace, however the american company refused to do this. I sent many faxes, did what they told me and in the end I lost my own domain. Whilst things were going from bad to worse, I registered with who have been brilliant. Whilst I worked on a new design the old site was uploaded in its messy format and continued to operate whilst I decided to do a new layout for the new domain. I had intended to design a professional layout, and take the site back to its routes, in promoting my skills.

This was the result. I reused the lettering from my jet set radio style logo and just played around with some photoshop filters. The biggest change was the more subdued colour scheme and the fact that frames had gone and tables had appeared. The fancy menu bar had been replaced with a simple text menu. Each page on the site shared the exact same design, later in this sites design the colours were changed depending on the content of the main page. This site had a proper directory which enabled me to keep things tidy. Each page had an e-mail link to me, which backfired as my spam increased, this was sorted eventually. This layout was one I was very proud of as it looked professional but still kept the character of the Sasse site, however the colour combination proved to be its downfall, as I was heavily restricted in changing the colours as no other colour combinations looked anywhere near as good as the above image.