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Evergreen Holy Night

Life is beginning to get back to normal for Keiichi. All the problems he had when the goddesses first arrived have stopped more or less, everything now is going well. However recently he has been getting some strange dreams which show Belldandy returning to the heavens. Keiichi screams out that he stills need her but she still goes. Keiichi has been having these dreams for a while, what would happen if Belldandy had to leave, it will happen one day but surely not yet.

That morning they are all having breakfast, when suddenly the table disappears! Urd is blamed but she say's it had nothing to do with her. Keiichi lets it go and begins to get ready for university, as he begins to leave he is amazed to see that it has summer.

Out in the garden Urd and Skuld have created 2 battling snowman and the snow fight begins. Keiichi decides that he must leave early for university as the roads will be busy, but as he looks towards the roads, he discovers that it is only his house that has snow on it.

He begins to remove the snow from the roof, as he does a bug appears, and startles Keeichi and he falls. Skuld whips out her hammer and squashes the bug. The problems is more severe than they all had thought. Bugs are escaping from the heavens and coming into the earth world, but why. They all decide to look around for more bugs and all to quickly more appear, then a connection is made. By using her special tools Skuld announces that a bug warp has appeared between Belldandy and Keiichi. Whenever they are together bugs appear, to stop the bugs appearing they must keep apart.


This problem has not gone un-noticed as Belldandy receives a notice of recall from the Lord, she must return in 3 days, her contract is now void. Keiichi goes to university and already rumours are going around that he and Belldandy are finished. Against Skuld and Urds wishes Belldandy goes to univeristy to just to see Keeichi however when she does, things start exploding, she has no choice but to stay away from Keiichi.

That night Keiichi, Urd and Skuld have discovered a tree in the garden which is strange in many respects. Stranger still is that Belldandy know's what it is. Will Belldandy return to the heavens?