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For the love of Goddess

Christmas is only days away and Belldandy is preparing to return to the heavens. Keiichi wants her to stay, as does Urd. Keiichi is still having re-occurring dreams in which he see's himself and Belldandy as Children, has he met Belldandy before? Keiichi accepts that there is no way that he can stop Belldandy from returning to the heavens, so instead he decides to get her the best present he can. But to buy his intended present - a gold ring, he needs money. Keiichi signs up for numerous jobs from pizza delivery to road maintenance. But will he be able to earn enough money to buy Belldandy's gift?

Urd also has a plan. There is an old magical spell which will counter the diuine force that is dragging belldandy back to the heavens, however it is strictly prohibited. Urd persuades Skuld to help her, and together they begin the preparation for the spell. Meanwhile Belldandy lives in solitude away from Keiichi busily working on the jumper she is making for him. Skuld is anxious about performing the spell, she may never be able to return to the heavens. Urd on the other hand can no longer return to the heavens due to her meddling with Love potion no. 9. Skuld puts it to Urd that she is doing this only for herself, and Belldandy would be better off returing to the heavens with her. Belldandy enters the room where Urd and Skuld are talking, and is quickly ferreted out by Urd who urges Belldandy to keep working on Keiichi's jumper, it is not going to make itself. Skuld turned to Urd and states that Belldandy is really upset, and something must be done to make Belldandy happy.


Christmas eve is here, and today is the last day that Belldany will be on the Earth. In the morning Keiichi tells her from the joining room that she must wait until he gets back from work, so he can fullfil his promise. Keiichi goes off to work. Hours past and eventually he has finished his last job. He takes his mony and rushes to the jewlry shop, only to find that it doesn't open for another 10 minutes. Keiichi hassles the shop keeper and she lets him in and he purchases the ring. Time is up, Belldandy leaves the house and prepares to ascend to the heavens. Outside she is shocked to discover that Urd and Skuld have set up the Ultimate circle to counter the magic force taking Belldandy away. As Belldandy begins her ascent, the ultimate circle activates to keep her down on the Earth. Belldandy is being taken up to the heavens just as Keiichi returns. He rushes towards her to give her the ring, but the field around Belldandy increases, as does the ultimate magic circle. Keiichi tries with all his strength to get near Belldandy, but everything ends in a diaster. The magic fields counter one another and explode, leaving Keiichi in a deep coma, to save him Belldandy must enter his dreams, but if he wakes up when she is still inside, then she will be lost for ever.

Belldandy enters Keiichi's dreams, and discovers that when she came to Earth as a child and met him, he promised to get her a ring. Even though she cleared his memory, he still remembered her and his promise. Knowing this Bellldandy is able to understand and Keiichi awakens. A message from the heavens is sent down allowing the Goddess to stay on Earth, however in the case of Urd, she must answer for what she has done. So for the next month she has certain restrictions place upon her.