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Episode 1 - Invitation to San Francisco

A young girl pulls up in her boat, her name is Rinko. She has a letter with her addressed to Ryu and is bringing lunch to her grandfather. She drops the lunch off and goes to find Ryu, who is out training. Rinko tells Ryu that she made his favorite, meatloaf. She then hands Ryu the letter, and says it is probably from his girlfriend in america. Ryu replys that it's probably from Ken. Rinko then worries, thinking that Ryu has a boyfriend.

Over lunch Ryu opens the letter, it was indeed from Ken who tell's Ryu to 'come to the U.S.'. Ryu is unsure whether he should go, but a friend of his says he should due to all the experience that he will gain. Rinko is upset as she believes that Ryu might not come back, so she gives him a bracelet to remind him of her.

Ryu meets Ken at the airport and is amazed when a big limo is there to take him and Ken home. [Ken's family is very rich] The limo turns a corner and Ryu askes whether they are in a park, Ken replies laughing saying 'no' this is his garden the house is several miles away!

The enter the house and Ryu admires all the old japanese armour, he is surprised until he remembers that Ken's mother is japanese. Ryu turns his head and notices lots of trophies. Ryu remarks how Ken must be very good, Ken explains that over here there is none as good as Ryu for a challenge. Ken takes Ryu outside and down through the garden to a dojo which is exactly like the one they were trained in. Ken asks Ryu whether he wants to sparr and the both change into something more comfortable, i.e. there red and white outfits.

That night Ken takes Ryu out to see San Francisco on his harley! On the way they are mocked by some army guys, Ken gets irate and follows them to a bar. Ryu is aprehensive but Ken gives the doorman $100 and they are let in. Ken goes up to the army man's girlfriend, whispers something, she laughs and they head to the bar together. The army man is mad and goes for Ken who calmly elbows him out the way. The other army men attack and it is a bar fight with Ryu and Ken winning.

Suddenly the door opens and this big figure enters, it is dark and he can not be seen, who could it be?