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Episode 13- The Legend of the Hadouken

Dhalsim takes Ryu and Ken to a secluded part of a forest and shows them his interpretation of 'hado ko'. As Dhalsim demonstrates his hadoko Ryu senses an uncontrolable power flow through his body. He slowly begins to rotate his arms and as he concentrates he is able to form the energy into a ball. Ken and Dhalsim watch in amazement. Ryu continues building the energy into a ball, the energy gets bigger and bigger and more powerful, Ryu can not contain it and he collapses.

Dhalsim is amazed that Ryu is able to summon up such power, it would take a person many years to get as much experience as Ryu seems to have learnt in a few minutes. Dhalsim compares Ryu's power to that of Dharma [the figure on the scroll which the tea man gave to Ryu in episode 6]. Ryu is obviously impressed and is excited that he has the power like Dharma!

Dhalsim silences him saying that Ryu is still young and ignorant. Ryu realises his mistake and asks whether Dhalsim can help him, but he can not. If Ryu is worthy of the power than Dharm himself will help Ryu. Ryu must be careful as the next time he conjures up the hadouken it may kill him!

Ryu heads back into the cave to test himself and to get to know his new power. Inside the cave looks into Ryus dreams and conjures up Ryu's biggest challenge and the most influential person on his travels - Guile! Ryu fights the dream Guile, but this time Ryu is able to see Guile's moves coming! Ryu is able to sense his will and can avoid Guiles attacks. They stop fighting and Ryu admits to himself if it was not for Guile beating him senseless then he would not have found Dhalsim or learnt the hadouken.

Suddently Ryu finds himself outside, he is unsure whether he is still in the cave or not. All around him lightning is striking, he begins to summon up the hadouken. Dhalsim appears and tells Ryu to get his will on target. Ryu can not understand these words, until he remembers that all the fights he fought he was focussed. Ryu concentrates and the lighting around him turns out to be is will. Ryu concentrates and lets rip a hadouken. Outside Ken and Dhalsim see the Hadouken.

Ken receives a message from Chun-li, her father [dolei] is being awarded for the capture of the Ashura gang. Ryu and Ken have been invited along to share the award with Dolei.

As they leave India Gouki or Akuma in the english speaking continents makes his second appearance standing in the ground wishing Ryu and Ken good luck. Ryu and Ken are off to Barcelona to meet Chun-li.