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Episode 11- The Beasts arrive

Dhalsim is meditating. He see's two beasts [Ken and Ryu]. They are coming to his village to seek him out. Ken and Ryu arrive in Calcutta India and are looking for a boat dock to head upriver to the village of Ahitchatra. As they walk down an alley a group of childen run by. One of the kids falls in the mud and Ryu cleans him up before sending him on his way. A scream is heard in the distance... Not too far off, the village hospital is being torn down by a gang of men sent by the landlord. The gang wants to remove Dr. Anna from the land. She comes running out of the hospital but is unable to stop the men. A sick old man that Dr. Anna is treating comes out of the hospital and begs them not to destroy the place. The one gang member says that they don't care about the sick and dying. He raises his shovel and is about to crack the old man over the head! He collapses to the ground, his shovel spade has been chopped off. Ken comes crashing in to save the day or to impress the lady.

The gang leader shoves a pole staff at Ryu. Ryu catches the blunt end in his palm and redirects the weapons energy back at his attacker. The leader gets tossed into the water nearby. During the fight Dhalsim watches the two beasts in his meditative state and tells his follower that these beasts seem good-hearted. A thankful Dr. Anna invites Ken and Ryu to stay and have tea with her. Over tea the two learn that the landlord wants this land to build a building on. One of Dr. Anna's patients calls out for her. Ryu and Ken follow her into a room filled with sick and injured people. Dr. Anna promises to get the man some good medicine tomorrow. Ken and Ryu seem a little upset at all the suffering around them. In the morning, Dr. Anna points them toward the boat docks. Ken and Ryu compliment Dr. Anna on her strength and commitment to the community. Ken tells her that he will make sure the gangs never return. Ken goes off to make a phone call on his cellular phone.

Ken and Ryu take a boat up the river. Dr. Anna walks back to her hospital. She spots a group of men and comes running up to them. She explains to them that she will just continue to rebuild her hospital and they won;t get her to leave. The one guy explains to her that he represents the Master's Industrial Division. Because of her commitment to the community and her strength of character, the Master's Corporation would like to build a state of the art hospital. All costs and future expenses will be donated by the Master's Corporation.

Ken and Ryu take the boat up the river as far as they can go. Then they get in a smaller boat. They spot a local girl and ask for direction to the village Ahitchatra. She points toward the way she came. She leads them to the village and points them toward where the monk Dhalsim is meditating atop a small pyramid. Ken and Ryu ascend the pyramid to find Dhalsim. Dhalsim tells them that he knew they were coming and that they are here to learn the hadou ko. Dhalsim tells them bluntly GO HOME! He will not teach beast the energy wave! Ten years ago another beast came here as well, a Mui Thai champion [Sagat], the energy wave is not for beasts! Ryu and Ken are shocked by this and refuse to leave until Dhalsim tells them. They sit down to meditate with Dhalsim. Dhalsim vanishes and leaves them alone on the top. Ken and Ryu decide to go back to the boat til tomorrow. Camping out that night they reflect on the monk's words. Are they really beasts?

They decide to put something back into the village, maybe this will persuade Dhalsim that they are worthy of the "Hadou Ko". Next morning, they help with farming and play with the children. The two grow accustomed to the village life. One day Dhalsim tells them to follow him show that he can show them something. he leads them to an old abandoned temple. He let's them know that there is one rule here in the village. They must never enter the temple. Inside lies a fabulous golden treasure, guarded by a demon. Ken and Ryu both say they have no interest in the village treasure. That night as Ken and Ryu camp out under the stars, robbers come to the temple to steal the treasure. Two men enter the temple and find the treasure. A meditating Dhalsim, says to himself that there are even worse beasts in the village.The one man becomes possessed by and shoots his friend. He stumbles out of the temple to his friends outside, without the treasure. He mumbles something about the demon and then dies. A meditating Dhalsim says to himself, "The beasts have gone mad!"