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Episode 14- The Prince Craving for the Blood

Ryu and Ken arrive in Barcelona and accept their awards, however Dolei has a meeting as asks Ryu and Ken to take care of Chun-li. They agree and the three of them head of to watch a bullfight - spains national sport. As they sit down Ken roughly translates the spanish program, apparently todays show is a big deal - this guy called Vega must be pretty good.

With that the doors open and out walks an 18 year old Vega, the girls cheer. Vega walks out with a rose held between his teeth, which lucky lady will get the Rose? Vega catches a glimpse of a brown haired girl and walks towards her. He gives the Rose to Chun-li who promptly blushes and goes all girly. Vega gives and evil glance to both Ryu and Ken before walking off and taking his position in the centre of the ground.

Meanwhile Dolei is in his meeting, sitting next to him seems to be Balrog! The head speaker explains that money is still going through the Ashura gangs swiss bank account, so they expect that the Ashura gang has been working for someone else, namely someone known only to them as BISON!

The bull is released Vega does his matador part and teases the bull, with each charge the bull makes, Vega pierces the bull with small sharp sticks. Ken remarks just how good Vega is, and wonders what he would be like if he was a martial artist! The bull makes one final charge and Vega nails it again with another stick. The bull lies near dead or the ground as the crowd cheers, Vega pulls out the stick and plunges it through the bull one final time. The crowd goes wild, Vega bows and walks up to Chun-li holding aloft the bulls heart. 'This is for you' he says! Chun-li screams and drops the rose, Vega explains that this is how matadors express their love, with that he leaves.

Chun-li, Ryu and Ken are exciting the arena. Chun-li is disappointed that the bull died, suddenly they are surrounded by screaming people - a bull is lose! The bull charges at two small children, Ryu and Ken rush to their rescue. Ryu rescues the children and Ken takes on the bull!

Ken taunts the bull and it charges at Ken. Ken sommersaults and lands many good punches but the bull keeps on coming. An offical comes down with a gun, but is stopped by Vega as the fight is only just getting interesting! the bull charges again and hits Ken, Vega calls out to Ken that the Bull's weak point is at the base of his horns. The bull charges and Ken hits the bulls horn so hard it breaks, the bull falls to the floor. Vega is impressed and congratulates Ken great performance, Ken replies it was all down to Vega's advice.

Vega walks off, and Chun-li, Ryu and Ken go back to their hotel. However outside the hotel there is a screaming bunch of girls all getting Vega's autograph. Vega notices Chun-li and tells her that it is fate that they keep meeting like this, and Vega takes fate very seriously, with that he turns around and heads back to the screaming girls.

That night Vega dons his his mask and heads back to the hotel, he wants Chun-li but Ken stands in his way, one way or another Ken will have to go! Vega enters the hotel, Ken is dozing in his room and notices a shadow flash past really fast. He gets up to investigate. Meanwhile Vega has enter Chun-li's room, he gently kisses her on the lips and leaves just as Ken enters the room. Ryu has woken up in all the commotion, he thinks Ken has just imagined it. They both walk out onto the balcony, the only way an intruder could escape would be up onto the roof, but who could it be? Ken reckons it is Vega as he has been following them all day